Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thirteen Days of Christmas Days 9, 10 and 11

I have been enjoying all of my gifties so much, and haven't been sharing them with you! Here are three more:

Day 9 Artist is Hope Clinchot.
Hope made this amazing little flower fairy pin. I just love her face. I've never been able to do faces, so I really appreciate it when someone else can!

Look at all the layers of fabric, and the little pearl trim around the inside. Each of the edges of the fabric had to be singed to give the flowery effect.I have the perfect flowy scarf to wear this on, too.

Lily was a little confused when I was taking this photo. Usually when I get the camera out, it is to take a photo of her! So she jumped up on the chair to help me out.

Day 10 artist is Terrie Lightfoot

Terrie sent this beautiful spool ornament, perfectly balanced with crystal, wire and pearls.The music in the center came from a children's songbook, and there is sugary glitter all around. So elegant and Christmasy.

This is the packaging that Terrie's ornaments were wrapped in. The number ten is a vintage Christmas tree candle holder with the center part removed. How smart is that? I have a paper bag of these somewhere...I really wish I could find them!
Day 11 Artist is Linda Morgan

I have long admired Linda's work, and I finally got to meet her recently. We both share a love for vintage dolls, and assemblage work, so I was thrilled to receive this doll from Linda:
Linda is great at mixing 2-D and 3-D items together. I love the way my eye travels around the piece when I look at it. Look at those sweet little feet!

There is so much detail. I think I see something new every time I look at her. There is something to see from every angle.
She will stay right here, on the front of my cabinet for the new year. 

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