Thursday, June 30, 2011

Completed Jewelry

I'm on a roll now. Here are some more pieces that I finished this week. The two on the left are resin. The one in the middle is a boro bead that I got at the bead show last week. I just love it! It almost looks like an owl face. ( I'll post a link to the artist as soon as I go through my paperwork for June and find her business card.) The one on the right is a sterling spoon bowl. It has the word "Paris" engraved on it.

This is a piece that has a vintage tablespoon for the base of the pendant. The little elf inside was a china figure. Disclaimer: No elves were harmed in the making of this necklace. His head was already broken off. Really. It was. This picture turned out a little over-exposed.

Luckily, Bordeaux was right there to help me out. She cast a nice big shadow over my pieces while I was trying to photograph them. Never a dull moment with the puppy girls!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Never Enough Time

I just read through a bunch of blogs, and I'm feeling a tiny bit less guilty that it's been so long since I posted. Apparently there is an epidemic of spring/summer busy-ness going around!  I'm on a two-week break from working at the estate sale company and I have about two years' worth of projects in mind that I'd like to work on.

As you can tell by these necklaces, I'm in a beachy/1930s/carnival kind of mood. I found the elephant at a bead show and it inspired a whole bunch of pieces. Isn't the pail cute? This is my "Water for Elephants"necklace. The other two are ice resin pieces.

I've been playing a lot with ice resin and am just thrilled with the results.

Thanks to my dad, Dale Brown, for taking photos for me. I thought my camera was dead, but the nice lady at the camera store revived it for me this morning. I was so relieved. I love that camera, and didn't want to have to learn a new one!