Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Thirteen Days of Christmas Day 3 and Day 4

Ready for more Christmas-y goodness?
 The Thirteen Days of Christmas artist for day 3 is Elizabeth Woodford, our fearless coordinator.

Look at the beautiful stitching and button details on this ornament. It had a lot more candy in it when I got it, but somebody got into it. That somebody would be me. I love, love, love peppermint! The inside lining is barely showing in this photo, but I had to mention it because it is a beautiful dark green velvet. 

I had to show the back, too, because in true Elizabeth style, she went as far back in the process as possible to bring us an original piece of her art. The cone is made from one of her hand-dyed sun print fabrics.

Day four artist is me!

This is my group of ornaments before I sent them out:

and here is a single ornament:
Apparently these snow people are mischievous little travelers. If you go to Barbara Burkhard's site you can get the full story. First, the tag popped off and attached itself to the day 8 packaging. Then, once it was open, the snow people apparently decided they didn't need to be in the basket. Hmmmm.... They are affixed to a little wooden clothespin which was attached to the branches of the tree. I say was, because Barbara's snow people clearly have left the building --er, basket!


Barbara said...

lol...goin for a sleighride atop a branch!!!!

Patti G. said...

Leslie, your post is lovely and I adore your pictures! What great shots of your ornaments!!!! I am borrowing them to post on my blog! FANTASTIC!!
Hugs, Patti

Elizabeth said...

So glad that you are enjoying this swap and that you are playing with us!! I love my little Christmas basket and all of my snow people behaved! They must have heard about how wild things can get at Barbs house!!! WINK WINK!!