Sunday, January 24, 2010

Victoria's Hardware Secrets - Leslie Brier Mixed Media Collage Artist

Can you keep a secret? It's been an artistically challenging week. I had an idea for a piece that I wanted to do and I had a deadline. But getting from point A to point B was really difficult for me.

I had been pondering the idea that historically women have used a lot of "hardware" in the process of trying to beautify themselves. Hair curlers, hair pins, underwires, bra hooks, corset boning and garter clasps came to mind.

At 6:00 the night before the deadline, I was almost ready to give up. I had put a lot of time into collecting and creating elements, and I still couldn't decide whether I was going to do 3-D, or 2-D, Vixen or Victorian. I was digging through bins and drawers for inspiration, and realized I was messing up my newly cleaned studio in the process. Besides, if I didn't submit to this particular show, no one would know but me...

 Finally, I just decided to stop overthinking it and commit to putting something down on the board. I decided it was better to try and fail than not try at all.  Slowly, the pieces started to come together. The next thing I knew, it was 10 pm. The project was finally at a point where it was creating itself. The pieces were falling into place and I knew exactly how I wanted to finish it. By 11:30 I had everything nailed down and most of the color laid in.

The next morning, I framed it out with vintage erector set pieces, photographed it and submitted it. And most importantly, I really liked it when it was all done. So what if I put all that work into it and it doesn't get into the show? I'm fine with it. It'll be our little secret.


Elizabeth said...

Leslie!!! This piece is fabulous!! GOOD for you to keep going-- so very hard sometimes but it was sooooo worth it in your case!!! THe erector set framing is the perfect finishing touch!! If it does not make the cut - it will be their tremendous loss!!! I love it!!

Unknown said...

It's awesome, Les...I love your work and this is very fun! It looks like it must have taken some searching to find the pieces for it! Love, Sue

Janet Meyers Moss said...

Love it and I always love a story with a happy ending! =) Plus, when a piece 'makes itself' you know it's going to be good!