Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Felt Heart Pins -- Leslie Brier at LibertyTown Emporium

On Tuesday, I finished up the heart pins I've been working on and delivered them to LibertyTown's Emporium. First Friday is this Friday night and they will be showcasing student work. It's always a great show.

I started making these pins when my daughter was in preschool, and they've evolved over the years. The first ones were very grandmotherly heart shapes with lace all around the edges. Now, I cut out squares with my pinking shears and layer on top of that.

When I first cut the two squares out, they look like little felt raviolis. I do ribbon embroidery on the hearts, and then I add seed beads and my own made-up embroidery stitches around the outside.

Felt was one of the first materials I worked with as a child, and it always brings back happy childhood memories. It is a material that I tend to gravitate toward at this time of year, so making hearts seems appropriate.

It's hard to believe that my own child is now old enough to make these with me. She's upstairs working on one now. I think I'll get a cup of hot chocolate and join her!

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Elizabeth said...

Your pins are wonderful!! I am sure that they wil be well appreciated at Liberty Town!!