Thursday, March 15, 2012

Art and Soul Virgnia Beach 2012 Altered Robots Class

Oh, I put so many things on the back burner until after Art and Soul.  When I returned, I had a to-do list a mile long! Today, I've finally had a day to create, and reflect. This was the view outside our classroom. We had a deck that lead straight to the beach.

Inside, my students were hard at work creating their robots.

We had an amazingly talented group of people. It was so much fun to see how each person interpreted the project.  Everyone  brought so many interesting objects to work with, too. It's much fun to spend a day with people who "get" the junking thing!

Here is a sampling of the robots that were created. These were made by Laurel and Sharon.

This one is Laurel's, too.

This one is was made by Theresa. I can't wait to see it finished. It reminds me of a character from the movie "9"... One of my favorite movies!

This one was made by Joy.

 This one was made by Minette. Can you see the little purse in her hand? She reminds me of a bell hop. And the one on the right is a lovely shrine-like piece done by Phoebe.

Here is Beverly's robot posing with Sharon's robot. I think they may be from the same family.

 And here is most of the group: Theresa, Phoebe, Minette, me, Heather, Joy, Laurel, Laura, Sharon, Beverly and Angela. Please e-mail me if I misidentified anyone! Also, if you have more photos, I'd love to show them. Every robot was absolutely wonderful! Thanks to Elizabeth Woodford for assisting and taking photos for me, and also to Minette. I hope I get to see everyone next year!

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Elizabeth said...

I was truly honored to be asked to help out with this class! we really did have a great time and you did a great job as teacher. You did a fabulous job with the critique!! Bravo!!