Friday, August 5, 2011

Salt Shaker Pendant Class

I had a great time teaching at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, Virginia. Just walking through the door is inspiring.
Look at all that color!
It's a good thing I had my class supplies organized. It gave me a chance to do a little shopping before my students arrived. (Okay, maybe more than a little bit of shopping.)

We had such a fun day together.  Everyone added their own touch of creativity, and the finished projects were beautiful.
This goldtone pendant was made by Gloria.

This one was made by Betty. These colors were so pretty together.

Jackie made this one. I like the long dangles that she used.
I have to try one like that.
 Jackie, Betty and Gloria wearing their new pendants.

This one was made by Sylvan. She wasn't quite
finished with it when I took the photo.
Naomi made this one. She put hers on a piece of
Judy Gula's hand-dyed lace. Perfect!

Another gorgeous color combination.
Nancy used a salt shaker with a nice patina.

Nancy wearing her finished piece.

I really enjoyed our day together. I'm working on some more class proposals, because I can't wait to do it again!

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Elizabeth said...

Great photos of a great class!!! I have had several of these gals in my classes at Judy's!! Gloria is a real character- just love her!!!
Send Judy a note that you have done this post as she will put a link on her work to your blog!!