Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meet Lucille

by Leslie Brier, Brier Design Studio

I worked in a bridal shop for several years during college. It was a really fun job, and very much like what you see on the reality show "Say Yes to the Dress". There happened to be a marathon on the afternoon that I was putting the finishing touches on Lucille, and that is probably how she evolved into the bride of Alvin.That, and the fact that Alvin fell in love with her salt-and-pepper shaker eyes.
She has lots of lace and tiny buttons at her neck. And a wee tiny lace circle on top of her head, in between her gears.
The new trend in wedding fashion is to wear a bejeweled belt at the waist. Lucille's belt is a little more utilitarian. Like me, she sometimes needs a compass to point out where her waist used to be!
This is the back view. This is the view all of her robot friends will see as she is married to her beloved. Alvin and Lucille are currently being shown at the PonShop Studio. If you want to learn to make your own, I will be teaching an altered robot assemblage class at Art and Soul in Virginia Beach in March.

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Elizabeth said...

I LOVE Lucille !! She is wonderful !! And those eyes!! You constantly amaze and delight!!!