Saturday, April 3, 2010

Running with Scissors

Whew! The last few weeks have been crazy busy. Seriously crazy. Seriously busy. I was working three part-time jobs and trying to squeeze in studio time where I could. All of them were great opportunities, and I'm really glad I didn't have to miss out on any of them. Here are the art projects I managed to squeeze in:

Pictured below is the beginning of my fat-book pocket-skirt swap for Art and Soul. I can't reveal any more right now, but it's coming along, and I'll share the whole book with you when I get back from A&S.

I also completed this piece, "See The Show" which is part of my circus series. The background is a copper printing plate, with gel medium transfers. The 3-D objects are brass candle holders, brass charms, a vintage baby doll and an antique rubber stamp. The title of the piece is stamped in gold at the bottom.

This piece, titled "In the Kitchen" is currently in the Food for Thought show at Liberty Town through the month of April.

I'm so grateful that things are a little quieter now. I never got the house decorated for Easter, but there are worse things in the world, right? Easter bunny did get to do a little shopping, so there will be brimming baskets in the morning, followed by a fun day at Grandma's.

And who knows, maybe Easter bunny will get the urge to do a little decorating while the eggs are being hidden tonight!

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Elizabeth said...

Can't wait to see the Fat Book in person!! Loe the new circus canvas and you know how much I LOVE the Kitchen Piece!!!!