Monday, February 8, 2010


I've often said that February only has 28 days because we just couldn't take any more than that. Just when I thought I'd had enough of the snow, I happened upon this gravity-defying curl that brought the magic back for me again. I can't imagine the complex set of circumstances that had to occur for the snow to end up like that. Look at the angle of the icicles on the bottom of the curve! (You can click the photo for a closer look.)

Another benefit of the snow is that it's forced me to stay in and get some projects finished. Janet Moss had the perfect word for me: "Heartfelt". I was looking for something short and sentimental, and heartfelt summed it up perfectly.

After I had my word, I framed it in a brass frame, punched some holes in the frame and added some dangles from an old pin that I had.
This year, I'm working on using the items I have, instead of hanging onto them in case I need them for something better later. In that spirit, I used not one, but two of my precious tatted doilies - a white one and an off-white one. I made the heart on top, and aged it with instant coffee.

In the meantime, the original flower I had disappeared. I suspect my fabric-loving cavalier Bordeaux had something to do with it. So I created a new one. I've been doing a lot with these flowers. I'll show them in another blog post.
Here is the finished product. I think sweet Charlotte looks right at home in her new surroundings. Heartfelt thanks to Janet for her inspirational choice of words!


Elizabeth said...

Kuddos to you and Janet!! THis piece is marvelous!!!! Ti is so hard to us up our treasures but the upside is that we must then go out and find more, more , more!!!!!
Poor Bordeaux blamed for everything!! I hope that she did not ahve atummy ache. She justt wants to create art with MUM!!!
More snow today??? This is amking me nuts and it looks like we will ahve to reschedule our adventure to Alexandria!!! Sigh!!

We got a snow wave as well but it was not off the roof- (on my blog).
Talk to you soon!

Clare said...

Hi there i had to laugh at your comment about the snow and thankfully Feb is only 28 days. I'm sitting in about 40degrees (metric) in South Africa and thankful that Feb is only 28 days 'cos I can't take the heat anymore. Just depends on your perspective I guess. Great site

Janet Moss said...

Your "Heartfelt" piece is stunning Leslie....I hope it's going to be in a show sometime soon! I miss seeing you and everyone else....I'm ready for a "thaw" for sure. And I'm delighted that you thought my 'word' worked for your lovely piece.....sometimes that immediate reaction is the best! =)