Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sweater Babies

This is Potter B. Noodles. She is one of the first Sweater Babies that I made and was named by my 4-year-old nephew who always has the most adorable names for his stuffed animals (and his imaginary friends!)Here is the whole gang, posing in front of our little tree. I started making these creatures this fall, after reading the book, "Sweater Surgery". Each one is made from the sleeve of a recycled sweater. I turn the sleeve inside out, and form the ears. Then, I turn it right-side-out and add the eyes. That's when their personality starts to come out. After that I stuff them and add a flat bottom. Finally, I add the ribbon, jewelry and other embellishments, which is my favorite part.

I've become so addicted to making these little creatures that I have promised myself I won't work on them before 9 pm so I can get everything else crossed off my to do list! I've made lots of them for Christmas gifts this year.

This is Minerva. Doesn't she look divine in her leopard-print stole?
I have a stash of pastel sweaters that are ready for spring. Look for recycled Sweater Bunnies, chicks and lambs this spring at Chicks Picks by Hillary.

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Lanise said...

Your creative mind is populated by some terrific whimsical creatures...clever, colorful and each one with a distinct personality...thanks for sharing!