Thursday, February 20, 2014

Frozen Dainties

Frozen Dainties is a piece that I completed during the snow storms while looking forward to spring. (I'm still waiting!)
The words "Frozen Dainties" come from the cover of an 1800s cookbook that I modified. The original had desserts depicted, and I changed the desserts to birds.
The inside of the shrine is layered with ripped purple satin that came out of a circa 1900s jewelry box. The hand is sitting on a toy ice box. Inside the ice box is a real robin's egg that I preserved with ICE Resin.  The hand is holding a resin pendant with a victorian bird image.
The "ice" inside the piece is actually shattered windshield glass covered in ICE Resin.
This piece is at FCCA for the month of February. It received an honorable mention by the show's juror.

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Elizabeth said...

Wonderful piece!! love it !! Deserves more than honorable Mention but Congrats on that!!