Monday, November 12, 2012

Canning Jar Party Favors

by Leslie Brier

My husband and I recently attended his 30th high school reunion. He comes from a small town, with one high school for the whole county. Everyone seems to know everyone which makes it really fun.

 He was on the reunion committee, and I jumped at the chance to make the favors.  I purchased tiny canning jars at the grocery store and filled them with green and gold candies. Then, I put a circle of paper on top of the lid and under the rim of the jar, and decorated it with paper flowers. I have a paper punch that punches out a pinwheel that can be folded into a 3-D flower. (Of course, I forgot to take a picture until they were loaded into the back of the car.)

They favors were easy to make, and we were able to make them for under  $1 each.

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