Saturday, February 19, 2011

Works in Progress

by Leslie Brier, Mixed Media Artist

Since I got my studio cleaned up, I've been getting into all kinds of new projects. I signed up for Elizabeth Woodford's Beaded Cuff Bracelet Class at FCCA (Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts). I spent a fun afternoon last Sunday sorting through my bead boxes and boxes of smalls to assemble a litte grouping of items I wanted to use for my bracelet. They were so pretty that I decided to photograph them. They might end up as the back of my new business cards.

I put them on the floor in front of the sliding glass door to take the photos. Miss Bordeaux was very puzzled.
 On Tuesday, I took the first part of the class. This is how far I'd gotten by the end of the class.
And this is Bordeaux, wondering why I am taking pictures when I could be playing with her.
I started this piece to hang in my living room. This is the first time I've made a piece specifically to go in my house.
This is how it loos now that I've added the background in. It's kind of in an ugly duckling phase at the moment. I'm going to go in and lighten it up. I'm not thrilled with the way the colors are working with each other. Most of my pieces go through a phase like this, so I've learned not to get too concerned about it.
I like the way this particular section is working, but it is a little too bright. I'm debating about whether to go over it with watered down paint or watered down gesso. I'm also trying to decide what color the 3-D birds will be. There an awful plastic faux woodgrain at the moment. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


Elizabeth said...

Poor Bourdeau is SOOOO neglected, Leslie!! You really should spend more time with her in YOUR LAP!!! YAH RIght!!
Love the beads and bits shot and your bird piece is going to turn into a beautiful Swan, FOR SURE!!!!

Pretty Things said...

I just want to scoop up everything in that first photo and run away home with it!!!!