Thursday, July 15, 2010

At the Junction

It is hot-hot-hot here in the 'burg, and I feel like I'm doing everything in slow motion lately. I had a ton of work to do on Sunday, but I just couldn't get motivated. So, I decided to join my family on a trip to Squash a Penny Junction in Ashland Virginia.

Squash a Penny is an old general store, chock full of antiques and they're all for sale. Suzanne, the owner has the most amazing collectioin of items that I've ever seen in one place, and she shares my appreciation for the offbeat, the rusty and the downright creepy. She also knows what I like, and helps me navigate the maze of items that she has for sale.

The little tin and doll head (above) looked to me like they belonged together, so I had to buy them both. I'm thinking she will be one of my first resin jewelry projects.

Here are the rest of my Squash a Penny treasures. The brass tag in the middle says Jet Tillie Lace. I wonder what the story behind that is? I am anxious to do some jewelry with those optical lenses, too.

This is my latest project. Everyone in my family hates it so far. I haven't decided if that's a good thing, or a bad thing. The glass eyes came from a previous trip to Squash a penny. The false teeth were purchased from Maria's store at Art and Soul in Hampton. They look and feel amazingly real.
The octopus toy was something that we found when we were cleaning my daughter's room. It probably came in a kid's meal or something. I have lashed it to a spaceman water bottle that I found while I was junking. I put the eyes and the teeth on it last night, and it's looking very sinister. I'll show it to you again when I'm done. Unless one of my family members suceeds in ecouraging me to throw it into the trash!

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Lindsay said...

I love the Squidonaut, Mrs. Brier.