Sunday, June 13, 2010

Leslie Brier, Custom Collage work

This is a detail of a custom collage piece that I did for the adorable Miss Taylor.

Taylor's mom and I met at the Hurkamp Park art show, where I was showing my collage titled "Spring". The girl in the picture reminded her of her daughter. We decided that I would recreate the piece with a few minor changes. I made the hair longer and parted on the side, and changed the word "spring" to the name "Taylor".

It was refreshing to recreate a piece. It felt good to be confident every step of the way because I had already made my design decisions when I created the original artwork. It also gave me an opportunity to make little adjustments that probably wouldn't be noticeable to anyone but me. How often in life do you get a do-over?

Doesn't this remind you of the flowers in the collage? This pin is a gift from my friend Elizabeth Woodford. She creates these fabulous flowers from discarded cashmere sweaters. They are so soft to the touch, and so glamorous! I've been finding all sorts of ways to wear mine. It's my new favorite accessory.

If you'd like one, (or ten) she has them for sale at the LibertyTown Emporium here in Fredericksburg. They will definitely be on my shopping list for the holidays!


Elizabeth said...

Your new collage for Taylor is wonderful- Love how you added the paper flowers!! THanks for the sweet words about your flower pin- I'll give you acommision if someone orders 10!!!!! You should have mentioned that I stole the button form your studio!! :)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Taylor's collage is adorable. I love the kicked up foot! And of course, it's collage, so what could be bad about that?! Lovely work, Leslie.