Thursday, March 19, 2009

Memory Doll

In January I always challenge myself to try something new. I'd been thinking about doing a memory jug for awhile, and then I happened upon Laurie Zuckerman's blog where she has a memory jug cd available.

In the meantime, I got a great deal on some wreath holders, and decided to make a piece with that. Eventually, the doll's head, the wreath holder and the bird cage came together, and so instead of making a memory jug I made a memory doll. Or memory cage or...well you get the idea. The doll's upper body had a large crack that had been repaired. The glue left a long brown streak along the repair line. I decided to cover that line with some pieces of costume jewelry. This gave me the neckline for her dress. Then I found a small pink vase to serve as her torso. I cut up two necklaces, and put a pin on the back to complete her upper body.

On the skirt, I added some vintage christmas light reflectors. I covered the empty holes with some costume jewelry pearls. The peplum on her dress is made of old book hinges which I wired with pearls.
The pin on the very front of her dress says "Sweetheart" and has a relief of the capitol building on it.
Finally, one day I found the little pink bird in the thrift shop. It matched the vase, so I knew it had to go inside the cage. Getting it in there was a little tricky, but I figured it out eventually.
I am constantly collecting little bits and bobs of things, so this was a perfect project for me. I have several bins started of items that have something in common, and hope to do another one soon.

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~*~Patty S said...

WOW, I really Love this creation. I'm thinking it must be seen in person! Brilliant Leslie!