Friday, December 14, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas Swap Part 1

by Leslie Brier, Brier Design Studio

One of my favorite parts of Christmas last year was the Twelve Days of Christmas Ornament Swap. I was delighted to get to participate again this year. Each morning, there is a fun surpise waiting for me underneath my little silver tree. This is a fantastic way to start the day, especially the hectic days before Christmas! Here are the first of the treasures that I have received:

Day 1 - Alice Early aka The Amazing Alice

This sweet little bird is sitting on a nest rimmed with vintage buttons. It's so sweet. I think it will have to stay out all year.

Day 2 Barbara Posey of Artful Dimensions
I've long admired Barbara's felted creations, and it is wonderful to have one of my own!

Day 3 Christine Lush Rodriguez of Artful Dimensions

This gorgeous snowflake came from Christine. The colorson this piece are absolutely stunning. I just love everything about it.

Day 4 Patti Gramza,

This is a fiber piece that just makes me swoon. It has a little velvet milinery leaf and flower, and netting around the edges. Under the little girl it says "enjoy the journey" and the snowflake dangling from it says "believe". 

Day 5 Leslie Brier, Brier Design

That's me! Here are my packages before they were shipped:

And this was what was inside:
I created the labels in Adobe Illustrator, then cut them out, put plastic in the window and wrapped them around the inside of a match box.  In this photo you can see how small the ornament is:
Tiny, right?


Elizabeth said...

Your ornament is really amazing Leslie!! I cannot figure out the insert- has to be origami????
It is so much fun to be doing this again!!!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

These are wonderful, yours especially! What an amazing mind you have!