Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Balloonist's Box of Curiosities

The Balloonist's Box of Curiosities is one of the classes that I am teaching at Art and Soul Virginia Beach.

According to the British Library, cabinets of curiosities, also known as 'wonder rooms', were small collections of extraordinary objects which, like today's museums, attempted to categorize and tell stories about the wonders and oddities of the natural world.

I'm constantly collecting  odds and ends and miniatures, so the idea of a cabinet of curiosities intriques me. I decided to create a collection of not-so-natural items to include in my own little collection.

Since I photographed these pieces, I found a large lantern to house them in. There is a little light inside the box, and it looks so pretty when it's lit up at night.

In the class, we'll make a hot air balloon, which can also be worn as a pendant. I'll also show you how to make different components to use in your display.
For more information on the class click this link.

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jEaN said...

LOVE these, Leslie - MORE please!