Monday, May 7, 2012

A Beautiful Day

It's been so long since I posted because I've been out having all kinds of fun!
We attended the wedding of my cousin Julie and her new husband Will.
They had a vintage tea-party themed reception and all of the guests were invited to dress up as well. 

  Julie and I are distant cousins. Our grandmothers were sisters, and I am old enough to be her mother, but we are also kindred spirits and very special friends. The age and distance between us disappears when we are together, and I'm looking forward to spending lots more time with the new Mr. and Mrs. Skaarup since they will be living closer to us now.

Each bridesmaid wore a different dress. I got to make earrings for each one of them.

 Cherry Blossoms for Emily

Pearls and tiny victorian handbags for Tina.

Pearls, lockets keys and dictionary pages for Becky.

I have a ton of pictures that I'm still editing. I'll post more on facebook soon.
In the meantime, I've been working on my teaching schedule. I'll have a list of upcoming classes posted soon!

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Elizabeth said...

I cannot wait to see ALL of the pictures!! The earrings are fabulous!!!The setting was amazing ! Love the tulips!!!