Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Introducing Lily

We have a new family member in the household. Lily came to us about 8 weeks ago and is now seven months old. We are still grieving the loss of Merlot every day, and I was hesitant to get another dog, especially a puppy. 

Two things made me change my mind. The first was the fact that Bordeaux was so despondent. We could barely get her to play, and she spent long hours moping in the dog bed that she used to share with Merlot. The second was this paragraph on the  cavalier king charles spaniel web site:
Everyone grieves over the loss of a dog differently. What is right for one, may not be for another. For many, the only way to properly grieve for a dog is with another Cavalier in his/her arms. For others, it may take a long time before they can even consider getting another dog. There is no "correct" protocol! Go with your own instincts.

My instincts told me that Bordeaux needed a companion.

Bordeaux is like a puppy again since we got Lily. They run through the house and get into mischief together.

I still can't figure out how the two of them got a five-pound dictionary off of the shelf.I think they were trying to help me get some collage pages ready!

Lily doesn't always understand what we're trying to tell her, but she tries really hard! And no matter what she does, it's impossible to resist that cute little face!


Anonymous said...

She is so sweet, what a face. We got a new pup too after we lost our beloved Man Man, does liven things up. Fun swapping with you. xox Corrine

Elizabeth said...

I am so stealing that first picture!! I love it!!!
Lily is such a rascal- I do so love her spirit!! You must post a picture of them sleeping in their puppy pile sometime!!!

Artfully yours, Linda said...

What a sweet furry family you have. Lily has great ears and a sweet face. They will have a wonderful time helping you open presents this year.

Terry Pitzel said...

I love your introduction to Lilly and why you made the decision to get her after your loss. She is so lovely and it is working out fine.

Debi Angilletta said...

Lilly is beautiful! I love her expressions!

Cheryl said...

lol... oh thats adorable!!! Ripping apart a book they took off a shelf! lol