Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a Spring Thing

 I am still in "glitter mode" but I've shifted seasons. When I put away my Christmas art supplies, I decided to take a peek into the "spring" bin. I found a project that I started last year, but never had time to finish. I made paper clay forms using chocolate candy molds. This is fairly easy to do. Just be sure to dust the mold with some cornstarch to make removal of the form easier.

I used tiny little tacks and brads for the eyes and noses on my figures. Then, I painted them with Claudine Hellmuth's paints diluted with water. After that dried, I added a coating of clear irisdescent glitter. Aren't they sweet? I am going to work on some Valentine-themed ones as soon a I get a chance. Also, it keeps my mind off of the snow falling outside. Spring is coming!


Elizabeth said...

Your little Lamb is darling!!! it is so nice to ahve a project aht is truely quick and easy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Charming little things. I love glitter all year.