Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thomas Mann, Art and Soul, and the FOS

I decided that this year at Art and Soul, I would get back to my jewelry-making roots, and learn some new techniques. The first class that I took was an evening class with Thomas Mann, "Learn to Saw". I had limited experience using a jeweler's saw, and had found it very frustrating. The course description guaranteed we'd be sawing like pros by the end of the evening, and we weren't disappointed. I left feeling very proud of myself, and eager for the next day's class, Thomas Mann's Found Object Sandwich Brooch - The FOS.

I came to class prepared with an image, and some found objects, and I was ready to go. Until it was actually time to make something, and then my plan sort of fell apart.

I just had one of those days where nothing came easily to me. I lost a little piece of filigree that I'd brought with me that was a key part of my design. I left at lunchtime to set up my table for vendor night,raced back to the classroom, and got back to work, but I had missed some key information while I was gone. Luckily, I had some of the sweetest classmates in the world, who were kind enough to help me out. I left the class frustrated, with an unfinished piece.

Many of my classmates wore their gorgeous creations to vendor night. A lot of beautiful work came out of that class and it was wonderful to see the variety of FOS pins that were created.

I left my unfinished FOS in my studio, and experienced a feeling of dread every time I walked past it. Last week, I found a new piece of filigree at a local bead store, and some bead caps that looked like flowers when they were opened up. Last night I sat down and completed my piece.
I thought it would take me about 30 minutes, and it ended up taking about three hours. But I did it. I'm glad that I overcame my intimidation and finished the piece. And I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I'll probably even use micro fasteners again in the future. But every time I look at this pin, I'll remember it as the dreaded FOS!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

You triumphed over your frustrations, Leslie, that's the key! Don't let anything stop you. It's a lovely piece, and I do hope you continue creating in the same vein. I admire your goal to learn new things and "shake things up."

Elizabeth said...

I am so glad that you got to it and got it done!!! It is beautiful. You should be very proud of it as many would have put it at the back of the closet , so to speak and Not finished it. I am sure that you will come to see this as a wonderful example of where you experienced frustration YET KEPT GOING and got it done!!!!!
Have a good week!

Terry Pitzel said...

I love this piece Leslie! You are a dynamo!

~*~Patty said...

Wonderful creation Leslie!
Funny how some things go together so easily and others we really have to work for ... I think it was worth every minute you put into this piece!