Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NeoVictorian Remix

I've just finished reading The Devil in the White City, Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair that Changed America  by Erik Larson. It is a detailed account of the Columbian Exhibition in Chicago in 1893. I learned so much about the era, and its people, and their inventions. It is amazing to realize what these men and women accomplished in a short time.

I had been working on this piece with ferris wheels in it before I started the book. It took on a new meaning for me after I started reading it. I have a new appreciation for Ferris' Wheel. The first ferris wheel appeared at the Columbian Exhibition, and was America's answer to the Eiffel Tower which was built for the Paris Exposition.

The piece is almost finished now. I have added wiring to the object in the woman's hands and also added a glaze to the background with words written in it.
The woman also has had many more gears and three-D objects added into her machinery. I'm going to change the flowers on her hat, and then I think it will be finished. I plan to enter it in the FCCA show, "Conceal and Reveal".


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE all of the added 3 d metal pieces!! The writing in the background and the blue glaze is fabulous as well!!! Great job! Looking forward to seeing her in person!!

Terry Pitzel said...

I saw this piece before the background and I just love it. what a beautiful piece! Yes enter this in the show !!

Patty said...

Wow the detail in this is incredible, fantastic work!