Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The New Year Fairy - Leslie Brier, Mixed Media Artist

Here at the Brier house we are winding down the Christmas festivities and starting to look ahead to the new year. I love my Christmas decorations, but when it's over, it's over and I actually start looking forward to Grinching the house and going back to a less cluttered existence.

It's kind of sad to have to put everything away, so my answer to the dilemma is the New Year fairy. She can stay on display for the whole month of January, which can be a very dreary month.

I vowed last year that I wouldn't just slap wings and a hat on every image that came along, but as I was working I convinced myself that a wand and a dictionary page ruffle are in a completely different category. I mean, she needed them, right?

This fairy will live in the window at the University Cafe for the month of January. I'm pretty attached to her, though, so if she sells I'll have to make one for myself. Look at her little feet:

They came off of a very pitiful bunny doll with stained ears. I am in love with them. In fact, I am going to go back to the thrift store to get the boy bunny, just so I can steal his tiny little boots!

I'll show you the rest of the cafe window when I have it finished.

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