Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The ABCs of Ephemera Altered Book Project

I am excited to say that my altered book "The ABC's of Ephemera, A Visual Lexicon of Personal Symbols" is A) complete! and B) being shown at ArtSpace gallery in Richmond from Sept 25 - November 1.

As I started this book with the theme "personal symbols" in mind, I realized that certain images crop up in my work over and over again. I decided to use ephemera as a unifying element. As I wrote down the items that I like to use, I realized that the stuff that I collect runs the gamut from A to Z. Thus, the alphabet book concept was born.

This is the G-H page. Hands, hearts, gears, games... get it?

I tore apart an old 45 record album holder, and a vintage coin book and then reassembled them into a new book form and altered that. The spaces originally intended for coins gave me places to put little objects. This one is from the I-J page - insects, jewelry, ink.

Special thanks go to my partners in crime from the Mixed Media Experience, Terry, Darlene and Carol for getting the ball rolling on this project!


Jenn said...

That's fantastic that it's done! Congratulations. I wish I could see it finished before it leaves for the Big Time!

Terry Pitzel said...

Wow your vook looks great! I am excited to see it in the show!


michelle renée bernard said...

Absolutely beautiful and clever too!

~*~Patty S said...

What a brilliant creation, it sure would be fun to see it in person!
Congrats also on it being in the art show, how exciting!!!!

Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous job and I love the fact that you ceated the book itself from two other books- are you sure that you are not a construction engineer????

Love this piece and big congrats on having it show in Richmond!!!