Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tiny Tears

Last year at Art and Soul, I had the pleasure of taking the "Who's Your Dada" class with Linda and Opie O'Brien. There is a photo of my doll on their blog. (Mine is the second one, on the right.)

I showed my completed project to my friend Marty, she asked me to do something with Tiny Tears, a favorite doll from her childhood.

I made her body out of some old building blocks that I think were a pre-cursor to today's tinker toys. Then I added lots of little bits, including a little bird nesting in her tummy. Her right arm is a typewriter case handle that has the word TINY spelled on it in scrabble tiles. Her left arm is holding a crystal teardrop. And of course, every girl has to have some vintage jewelry!

Marty was pleased with the final product. I was a little sad to see Tiny Tears return home! Here are some more photos of her:



~*~Patty S said...

What a great class that must have been! Your Tiny Tears creation is fantastic, your friend is very lucky to have her!!!

Pamela Jane said...

So happy to see your altered work on your new blog - can't wait till we go junking together

Lanise said...

How wonderful to see Tiny Tears again! She seems like an old friend to me, and, well, the pictures make me yearn to have story time with her...She's a knockout and YOU CREATED HER...a tip of the hat to you...TT is beyond wonderful...sigh...